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# HelloMP
A modification of the HelloMP parallelization by Prof. J.Behrens.
Yet another Hello World Program
**Finding the primes between 2 and a big number by using parallelization**
## Description and Purpose
This O(1)-line code demonstrates parallelization with OpenMP
OMP_NUM_THREADS represent the number of processors. For this project, I have worked on my personal computer,
with 7 processors, and the university's GPU server with 16 processors(OMP_NUM_THREADS).
## Contents of this Project
README - this file
Makefile - Makefile tested for macOS
Hello.c - parallelized "Hello World" C-program
Hello.c - parallelized "Hello World" C-program and an algorithm to check whether a number is prime or not by dividing the range
to the number of processors available.
## What do do here
......@@ -36,5 +41,10 @@ I don't know how...
%> Hello
## Result
For the prime numbers between 2 and 800,000:
2:36 Seconds for seriel only(with out parallelization)
1:16 seconds for 7 processors personall computer
55 seconds for 16 processors(Uni-server)
(c) 2021, Jörn Behrens (
(c) 2021, Dawit Hailu (
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